World Mangrove Day 2020 Workshop

To mark the international day for the conservation of the mangrove ecosystem in 2020, we will be hosting a workshop bringing together science, education and policy. This will give us an initial background on establishing a Blue Carbon Project in Nigeria.

Blue Carbon Demonstration Project

The demonstration will commence shortly after the workshop. The demonstration project will focus on increasing our knowledge of the carbon potential of mangrove forests in selected regions in Nigeria and advice on sustainable means of resource management to the relevant stakeholders.

Blue Carbon Project Nigeria

Blue Carbon Solutions Global Limited will be carrying out the first nationwide mangrove biomass survey in Nigeria. These blue carbon projects use the benefits of mangrove forests to climate change mitigation to support their protection, sustainability and restoration.

Mangrove Restoration Project

Blue Carbon Solutions plans to carry out replanting and mangrove restoration in Akwa Ibom and Rivers State. This is also the first step in understanding the nutrient requirement of regenerating mangrove plants in different regions.

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